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Who are Lads to Dads?


Ben and Matt became friends at University and quickly realised they shared a lot of things in common, mainly going out, drinking fish bowls, and shots that would strip the paint off a fence. and watching football on a Sunday while reminiscing about everything they could remember from the night before!


Fast forward 10 years and Ben and Matt are still best mates, only know they have a baby each. they just so happened to get their wives/girlfriends pregnant at the same time. After going through some pretty tough times and helping each other through, they decided to make a podcast talking about life as parents, life before being parents and also as an outlet to discuss the mental health battles they have both faced along the way.


The podcast was a great way to add some humour to parenting and show other parents that all the things that go wrong (or right) and just exclusive to you, we all go throught it and it'ds ok to laugh about it.


This blog accompanies the "from Lads to Dads Podscast" and is a place where Parents can find advice, tips and funny stories from two Dads trying to be the best parents they can be!


We hope you enjoy!  

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