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Competition time!!

This week we launched our new competition. We wanted to celebrate the launch of our new YouTube channel, as well as give something back to all you lovely listeners who tune in each week.

The echo dot is a great thing to have around the house not just for listening to music and podcasts on but also for answering questions you can't be bothered to google, and playing games with the family. I use ours to set timers when I'm cooking, or reminders, because I'm probably one of the most forgetful people you'll meet.

The kids day out card is brilliant also, it can be redeemed in loads of handy places such as whsmith and go ape.

And finally chocolates, we chose Lindt because we know very few people who don't love them, if you haven't tried them before this is your chance!

So get over to our Instagram, tag two friends in the post, and Direct message us on Instagram the secret word from our latest episode (Two ghosts and a bag of custard) good luck!

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