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Elf on the shelf ideas!

That Naughty little elf on a shelf can only mean it's time for Christmas, and another 25 days of trying to come up with ideas on where to put him.

Plenty of people have used the coronavirus pandemic to their advantage and put the elf on a shelf into isolation.

But if you your kids are starting to get a bit suspicious that the elf on a shelf seems to be following Tier 3 rules when he's actually in a Tier 2 then we're here to help you out with some of our best ideas, for when creativity starts to get a bit thin on the ground.

1. And this is how marshmallows are made kids!

2. The climbing elf

3. Elsa and the elf

4. Elf on the shelf hates gingerbread.

5. Playboy elf on the shelf

6. Elf on the shelf fishing

7. Jigsaw elf on the shelf

8. Elf on the shelf and the snow man had an argument.

9. whatever you do don't eat the dog biscuits!

10. The toys fight back!

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