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How to keep your sanity during Lockdown.

Whether you're a parent, or not, lockdown can test us all in a number of ways, and it's impact is often felt most when it comes to our health and wellbeing.

We've all heard Boris banging on about being able to go to the park (but also stay at home) but obviously go out if you must.... But also STAY AT HOME!!

What is not addressed enough is the need to take care of ourselves while we are at home, so we've decided to put together some handy tips and ideas on how we can look after ourselves while at home and make lockdown a little easier!

Obviously some of these suggestions will be easier or harder depending on your circumstances but they are all doable.

1. Exercise

Right, OK, let's start off by saying, we don't all love exercise as much as Joe Wicks loves exercise, but he has got a point.

Exercise is one of the best ways to boost your serotonin levels (the happiness chemical) and all round health, not only does it clear your mind, help reduce anxiety, give you energy, and helps you with your sleep, it can also help give you a confidence boost.

There will be plenty of celebs and fitness coaches giving away free lessons so why not take advantage. Personally we love Joe and his morning PE lessons as there's plenty of fun things for the kids to get stuck into like spit the difference.

Alternatively check out some of the coaches aimed at dads who give great advice on instagram and offer some really good programs such as @coachdanogden and @fitterhealthierdad.

2. Learn a language

Let's face it no one's going on holiday right now unless you're a celeb or you used to be on towie and now you're posting 12 insta stories a day of you and your mates on a beach in Dubai "seeing in the new year"

But why not learn a language so that when you do go on holiday, you can now be that embarrassing dad who takes the family out for dinner and orders the food in fluent Spanish (like the dad on Kevin and perry) rather than the embarrassing dad who jokes with the waiter about having a grassy arse and calls everyone Manuel.

Duolingo is a great free app and allows you to learn lots of different languages,you can do it from your phone and don't have to spend a penny.

3. Make things with the kids and sell them on etsy

If you, like us, are sick of having to pretend your child's latest creations blow the Mona Lisa out of the water, and then having to store them somewhere safe just in case they ask about them in a years time.

Why not learn how to make something together that people will actually buy, then sell them on that way you both get a sense of achievement, your child learns how money works, and gets a little extra pocket money whilst you walk away with parent of the year award!

4. Meditate

Meditation isn't just for monks, or hippies, you don't even need to own a yoga mat or eat Linda McCartney vegan sausages.

Mediation can be done anywhere at any time, although having some peace and quiet, perhaps when the kids are in bed will be more beneficial but it is as simple as focusing on the here and now, the sounds around you, the feel of the chair or bed you're laying on or the breaths you take in through your nose and out through your mouth.

It helps bring calm and focus to a busy overactive mind, which is very likely when you have a million things to contend with home schooling, housework, cooking etc. I must admit I was a bit sceptical at first but after plenty of practice it is an absolute game changer

Is a great resource and if you're not willing to pay for their app they've just released a series on Netflix.

5. Zoom, call, text

I know, I know, we're all sick of saying "I think you're still on mute" or "there's a lag... Yeah.. Ther....there's a LAG!!!

But keeping in touch with friends and loved ones is massively important during lockdown (unless you don't want to of course and actually just prefer your own company) so why not mix it up a bit and instead of constant zoom quizzes why not host a virtual pub on zoom, or a cocktail making class, or alternatively

Do a great set of zoom based games for groups like escape rooms and murder mysteries.

Whatever you end up doing don't forget to look after yourself and don't miss our podcast every week which can be found here make sure you hit subscribe or follow on Apple podcasts or Spotify so you don't miss an episode.

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