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Lads in Paris

We haven't always been just some small person's Dad. There was a time when people knew us as Ben or Matt.

And just like the podcast you'll hear a lot about those times as well as about our times as Dads, after all we're called "Lads to Dads" so what better way to begin than.... Lads on tour!

So its Euro 2016, the destination is Paris and its time the lads assemble for the occasion. At this point in our lives Matt and I didn’t even know what nappies were, and we still had the big 3 in our lives:

  • Dance moves

  • Designer clothes

  • Full wallet

It’s safe to say the big 3 go very quickly when you turn into a Dilf. Matt had booked us an air bnb for the weekend and we were ready to show Paris what we were about. So here is what I remember from the weekend.

Day 1 - We hit the fanzone for the first england game, when i say fanzone I mean it was more like thousands of pissed up sweaty topless men shouting, spilling drinks and singing some of the most beautiful lyrics at the tops of their voices I'd ever heard. One of the songs I recall which to this day gets me all emotional was a song aimed at the Welsh fans in the same park, which went “YOU SHAG EM WE EAT EM” and that went on for a good 45 minutes.

After the fanzone we followed the herds of English fans heading to every pub Paris had to offer. Matt and I were lucky to find a lovely little boozer which had a sophisticated set up with a lady singing and playing piano. Whilst sampling some of the cities finest drinks we sat down to rest our legs and get a plan together for the remainder of the night.

The lady on the piano looked like Lady Gaga but for some reason sounded like Frank Butcher and every picture on the wall had topless guys in it. Matt and I had never been in a place like this before so we did what any LAD would do and we stood straight up and sharply proceeded to order a couple of fancy cocktails.

We knew something was different when I nipped off to the toilet which was head to floor mirrors. I looked around and there was my own penis on every wall, it freaked me out but what distracted me from the onslaught of willy was hearing what sounded like a kitten being kicked around. I rushed out to see what was going on and thankfully it was only Matt sat on the ladies lap singing Dancing Queen by Abba ......... the penny dropped we were in a gay bar and not only that we were taking part in the entertainment.

Some people would think right lets get out of here BUT not me and Matt we were there until the bitter end, and let me tell you right now, boy did I wake up the next morning with a sore .......... head.

Paris - Cocktails - Gay Bar

Completed it!

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