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Terrible tantrums, and how to deal with them!

Mood swings, irrational anger, lashing out, emotional outbursts, growth spurts, these are the side effects of taking anabolic steroids! They're also the side effects of being a toddler.

We often focus on how frustrating and sometimes awkward dealing with a toddler tantrum is, especially when the tantrum evolves into an epic meltdown. But it's easy to forget that your child isn't always being naughty, they're going through a hard time, they're frustrated they don't know the word to say what it is that they want and their brain hasn't developed to the point where they can process their emotions in the same way as an adult can.

I have found dealing with tantrums becomes a lot easier when you reframe it that way, it forces you to talk to your child and try and understand what is wrong, and then see if you can solve it, even if it does turn out that the epic meltdown in the middle of Sainsbury's was because the person who made the kids snack box, had the audacity to cut the ham sandwich into rectangles and not triangles!

It can also be easy to question your ability as a parent when it feels like your child has had his, or her, fifth meltdown of the day and people are starting to stare, but what you need to remind yourself is, tantrums are a sign that you're doing it right!

Far more worrying than the toddler who has tantrums is the toddler who doesn't have tantrums! When psychologists come across a child who cannot have tantrums alarm bells ring, as it's often due to them being raised in an environment where they're so fearful of another's anger in response to their tantrum. (Of course, some children are just lovely, and placid, and go with the flow, if you're a parent to one of these children I'm really happy for you and I hope you and your little robot have a wonderful life....honest...good for you!!) It's much healthier to raise a child who has tantrums and learns to dial down their anger as they get older and they have the tools to express how they feel.

That said, there comes a time when all the talking, and understanding, and bribery in the world just won't work, and your child reaches "full meltdown" this usually happens in the most public of places such as a birthday party or a wedding, and you feel the judging gaze of other parents fall heavily upon you, at this point there's only one thing for it, remove the asset and employ damage control!

Below we've listed our top techniques to get your toddler out of there when it comes to a meltdown of epic proportions.

1. The Rugby league lob!

The quick and efficient method of scooping your toddler up under your arm and running out the door like you're about to score the winning try ( or touchdown if you're American)

2. The fireman's lift

Similar to the Rugby league lob, but looks slightly more heroic. Where the Rugby league lob has the advantage of the "element of surprise" this requires you to face the tantrum head-on, drop low, drive from the legs and scoop the tantruming toddler up over the shoulder and keep moving at pace!

3. The secret service shuffle

This is a covert operation that requires teamwork. It will require your partner to cause a distraction, by pointing in the opposite direction, while shouting something along the lines of "that's the one he was having an affair with" at the same time you storm in ushering the trantruming toddler out of the room, as quickly and quietly as possible!

We'd love to hear some of your tried and tested tantrum techniques, or your worst tantrum stories, comment below!

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