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The Beginning

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

As this is our first blog post, We thought we'd start at the beginning, and although the title may have you thinking the birth of your baby is the beginning of your parenting journey any parent will tell you it starts waaayyy before that!!

For some, it starts at the planning, finances- can we afford this baby. Our home- is it big enough for us and a child. Our relationship - is our relationship ready for another person to come and remove the kindness, sex, sleep, and romance from our relationship.........But that stage is for people who have their shit together, the type of people who have pension plans in place, and go for morning runs/yoga sessions every morning before work.

Our journey skipped the planning stage and started just before the weeing on a stick stage. Myself and Autumn's mum decided we were going to just "see what happened" (that's code for we both want a baby together, but we've only been together a year so I don't want you to think I'm a psycho!) She then inevitably missed her period. I then went to the chemist to buy a pregnancy test filled full of excitement and fear. I then found myself stood in the bathroom with my head pressed up against the cold, painted, concrete wall, with a million thoughts and feelings going through my head.

The moment you find out you're going to become a father is a momentous one that every dad will cherish for the rest of his life. I asked Ben if he could remember this moment and he said not really but he distinctly remembers being told he needed to get ready for fatherhood, because we're having a baby regardless either grow up, or fuck off!

That's the thing about finding out you're going to be a father, it's not this moment of sheer joy that you see in the films, or on instagram,(the real joy comes after they're born)

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