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Welcome our latest sponsor - Silverback CBD

We've been approached by a few sponsors over the last year, we always turned them down, reason being we didn't want to become that podcast full of ads that had nothing to do with our audience and everything to do with making a quick buck.

So we decided that if we were going to have a sponsor they would need to offer something that really benefited out listeners, it would have to be something we would buy ourselves, and also one that would be willing to give Lads to Dads listeners a great discount.

Welcome Silverback CBD! These guys embody all those values and more! Myself and Ben started taking CBD oil last year. Ben had broken his ribs just as he had started his journey into being T total, his doctor prescribed him codeine to relieve the pain but knowing the addictive properties of Codeine and after warnings from myself and his wife over it's potential to be addictive Ben decided to look for alternative pain relief, I suggested CBD oil as I had heard good things about it's pain reliving properties, the next day Ben rang me "mate, I got some of my that CBD oil unbelievable! Pain was gone in about half an hour".

I then started to look into CBD oil myself a little deeper, it turns out CBD has some incredible effects from better sleep to lower anxiety, I think there are a lot of misconceptions about CBD that can put some people off, mainly to do with the fact that it comes from the Cannabis plant, so let's get this straight this is not the same thing that you were smoking as a teenager hotboxing your mate's car in mcdonald's car park giggling, getting paranoid then pulling a whitey.

Nor is it illegal, it's not addictive, in fact it doesn't have any psychoactive properties so you're not going to take it and then start feeling high, nor is it going to start directly affecting the way you think, the reason for this is that the stuff you smoked in your mate's garage or in a coffeeshop in Amsterdam, or for some people you get off your mate Bob every week to take the edge off, is full of THC, this is the element that gets you high, CBD oil doesn't contain THC.

What I would say is do your own research into CBD and make your mind up for yourself, I have been taking CBD oil for a while now and it has definitely improved my mindset, I'm calmer and have a much more level way of thinking.

I started buying CBD oil from a well known high street health shop but the range of things they offered was very basic, so I looked to see if I could find a specialist shop for CBD, that's when we came across Silverback CBD, first impressions was their range is unbelievable, I got chatting to the owner Mark and quickly realised his knowledge of CBD was second to none, he explained the process of how and where they source their products, as well as the correct way to take it in terms of your body type, weight etc if you want to see the best results.

I definitely recommend heading across to their website to check out their range of products, which come in all forms from gummies to oils, as well as super supplements such as Shilajit (more on that in another blog)

Silverback CBD have provided us with a link which means any Lads to Dads listener who orders through this link or uses the code THELADSTODADSPO

Will receive a 10% discount on their orders, let us know what you think and your experience of CBD has it benefited you, and in what way, and always don't forget we are putting out a new episode of the Lads to Dads podcast every Monday so don't forget to listen and subscribe.

Matt and Ben

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